Master of Tropical Medicine

and International Health

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How to Enrol

Enrolment for the Masters in Tropical Medicine and International Health.

Applying for a place

It is essential that an application form is completed in advance using the specific form Application Form Master of Tropical Medicine UAM.doc at any time during the year. After completion, the application form should be sent by email to . The course management will request a pre-payment of 100 € at the time of reservation, which will be refunded only if the course is not held. This amount will be deducted from the total fee that must be paid within the prescribed period (First term: 1 to September 20, 2019 (2.000 euros). Second term: 1 to January 20, 2020 (1.500 euros)).


Official registration will be made by the technical secretary of the course, once payment of registration fees has been made or on-line by the student.

The following documents are necessary for registration:

      Bank statement of payment of tuition fees

      Legible photocopy of identity card, passport or residence card

     Photocopy of degree or accredited documents of previous studies required for admission to the course (To be legalized in Spanish for non EU degrees).

Registration Fee.

The registration fees for the course are 3,600 € (100 € reservation + 2,000 € first term + 1,500 € second term). Payments must be made during the periods specified to UAM: IBAN: ES17 0049 6704 5125 1004 8078


Banco Santander

Campus Cantoblanco

C/Einstein, 1

28049 Madrid

indicating first name, surname and code for the Master of Tropical Medicine and International Health (Code 900960). 

Students performing clinical practice abroad will require travel insurance and funds to pay for travel costs.

Admission Requirements

The minimum requirement for students to be admitted to the course includes at least one of the following:

• A Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences from a Spanish university or similar degree from a foreign university. Students in their last year of graduation can also be admitted.

• A Master's degree in Health Sciences, Public Health or Healthcare Management.

Candidates who lack these qualifications but who have sufficient professional experience may also be admitted. They should contact the course management ( for assessment of their admission. The course management will apply to the Postgraduate Studies Board of the UAM for admission of those interested. Registration cannot be made without the resolution of the Postgraduate Studies Board.

Students performing clinical practice abroad will require travel insurance and funds to pay for travel costs.

Knowledge of Spanish and English

For greater benefit from the course, students should at least understand Spanish and preferably English, since some classes are taught in English by one of the foreign teachers. Tests and exams are carried out preferably in Spanish, and exceptionally in English by any students who have difficulty in speaking or writing Spanish.

For students performing clinical practice in Ethiopia or Kenya, elementary knowledge of English is advisable but not essential. 

For students performing clinical practice in Cameroon intermediate / advanced knowledge of French is essential. These students will have the opportunity to extend their stay after the clinical practice period as volunteers for a minimum period of 3 to 6 months.

Degrees Certificates

All students must submit official documentation confirming that they possess a Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences. If these degrees were obtained in a foreign university translation into Castilian, English or French will be necessary.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities are welcome and we will try to provide as much assistance as possible to meet the academic needs of all students. We will do everything reasonably possible for the student to benefit from teaching, participate in all activities and take the examinations. It is recommended that students provide information about any disability at the time of registration so that any services required can be provided.



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